I Drewed it Myself! 46 Children's Illustrators of Instagram


I'm a late bloomer when it comes to Instagram. When we moved to Melbourne nearly four years ago, we made the joke that to be given citizenship in we would have to buy an Apple product at the airport and sign up for Instagram. I'd just assumed that it was a place where people took photos of their food and selfies of themselves at various picturesque locations (Instagram, that is, not Melbourne - although...). It may be that, and people may well do those things for their own reasons, but I didn't get it.
Then, I discovered that artists and illustrators have accounts and they post all sorts of beautiful things. I realised that even if I don't post many photos myself, there was a wealth of what I wanted to soak my eyes in.

So, here, in no particular order, you'll find 46 children's books illustrators that I get so much joy out of following. You may also want to fill your feed with pretty pictures from the creative minds of book creators. Sometimes they post sketches, works in progress, final art, that exciting moment when the advanced copies of their books arrive (books that you, too, soon, can own), or photos giving insights into their personal life and inspiration.

It makes me want to double-tap (i.e. show that I like) the entire industry that lets us appreciate such wonderful creative work.

Jon Klassen
A photo posted by @jonklassen on
Carson Ellis
A photo posted by Carson (@carsonellis) on
Isabelle Arsenault
A photo posted by @isabelle_arsenault on
Serge Bloch
A video posted by Serge Bloch (@serge.bloch) on
Adam Oehlers
A photo posted by Adam Oehlers (@adamoehlers) on
Birgitta Sif
A photo posted by Birgitta Sif (@birgittasif) on
Anna Walker
David Litchfield
Chris Haughton
Tony DiTerlizzi
Leila Rudge
A photo posted by Leila Rudge (@leilarudge) on
Sanna Annukka
Dieter Braun
A photo posted by Dieter Braun (@brauntown) on
Luke Pearson
Robin Cowcher
Chris Riddell
Elise Hurst
A photo posted by Elise Hurst (@elise.hurst) on
Alexis Deacon
A photo posted by alexis deacon (@spudfox) on
Jean Jullien
A photo posted by @jean_jullien on
Joe Sutphin
A photo posted by Joe Sutphin (@joesutphin) on
Freya Blackwood
Connah Brecon
A photo posted by Connah Brecon (@connah) on
Polly Dunbar
A photo posted by Polly Dunbar (@pollydunbar) on
Emily Gravett
Kate Hindley
A photo posted by Kate Hindley (@hindleyillos) on
Alison Lester
Emily Hughes
A photo posted by Emily M Hughes (@plaidemily) on
Gus Gordon
A photo posted by Gus Gordon (@gusgordonbooks) on
Marc Martin
Oliver Jeffers
A photo posted by @oliverjeffers on
James Foley
A photo posted by James Foley (@james_r_foley) on
Jared Chapman
Charles Santoso
Jamin Still
A photo posted by Jamin Still (@jaminstill) on
Chuck Groenink
A photo posted by Chuck Groenink (@c.groenink) on
Brianne Farley
Graeme Base
A photo posted by Graeme Base (@graemebase) on
Steve Light
A photo posted by stevlight (@stevlight) on
Kenard Pak
A photo posted by Kenard Pak (@kenardpak) on
Ben Newman
A video posted by Ben Newman (@benjinewman) on
Jim Stoten
David Doran
A photo posted by David Doran (@daviddoran_) on
Owen Davey
A photo posted by Owen Davey (@owendaveydraws) on
Lizzy Steward
Laura Hughes
A photo posted by Laura Hughes (@laura_a_hughes) on
Eric Orchard
A photo posted by Eric Orchard (@inkybat) on

If you know of any other illustrators on Instagram (or are one yourself!), let me know, I'd love to follow you.

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  1. This is a wonderful array of amazing talent! My only complaint, is 42 is soooo many to keep up with!! Sigh. Still, thanks for sharing and I'm really excited at all the beauty and talent out there.

  2. https://www.mishkinart.com