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I'm a Children's and Young Adult bookseller and writer. The editor of the collection Kindred: 12 Queer #LoveOzYA Stroies which will be published by Walker Books Australia in June, 2019. I'm repped by Linda Epstein at Emerald City Literary Agency. I'm also a contributor to Underdog: #LoveOzYA Short Stories which is out in March, 2019 through Black Inc. 


After growing up on NSW’s Central Coast, I moved to Sydney when I was eighteen and landed a job at a large city bookstore, just as it was opening. This is where my book addiction began. Eventually I found my way to another large city bookstore and managed to become Master of the Children’s Section. I believe that Children’s Specialist was my official title, but I was Master of that domain. 

Then, after seven years of selling books to you, the charming general public, the readers, I jumped the fence. In 2009 I began selling books to booksellers (also readers, of course). I was working as a sales and marketing representative for a children’s publisher. In that role, I was invited to move to Melbourne for work; having never lived outside of Sydneyish areas, to move interstate without paying for it was a golden opportunity (especially to Melbourne: City of Literature).

My day job was essentially talking about children’s books all day long. It’s not a bad gig, let me tell you. So yes, children’s and young adult books are my bag. Or in my bag, depending on what time of day you catch me. Yep, that’s me, with the guilty expression on my face leaving the bookstore. Guilty because do I really need more books? Well, ‘need’ seems to be a sliding scale these days, so I think it’s an apt word.

In 2016 I jumped the counter again, and for a while I was the manager of the delightful children's bookshop,  The Younger Sun, in Yarraville. Now I work at The Little Bookroom, the oldest dedicated Children's Bookshop in the world. It's a glorious place to work. I'm thrilled to be back with the books all day long, recommending and selling books to you, the charming general public. I'd forgotten how rewarding it is to put the right book in the hand of the right reader, whether than be parent, child, or just YA obsessed adult-sized-child (like myself). 

I’ve studied some stuff too! My undergraduate degree was through the Institute of Early Childhood at Macquarie University in Early Childhood Teaching. I didn’t actually end up teaching at all. But the main objective was to learn about children so I could write about and for them. During my undergraduate degree I completed an Honours Thesis, submitting a picture book as a creative work and an exegesis investigating the process through which it was constructed.

I completed my Master of Arts in Children’s Literature at Macquarie University in 2014. My thesis was a creative work again, this time a Young Adult novel and the exegesis that went with it. It’s a novel which explores a teenager’s understanding of religion in relation to his own homosexuality. I’m currently trying to get it published while working on other writing.

Occasionally I feel I’ve cocooned myself in Children’s and Young Adults books a little too thoroughly, but then I realise that I’m perfectly allowed to. Everything that can be achieved with them excites and motivates me. While I only started focusing on writing when I was about twenty-four, I have been writing since I was thirteen (you know, that delightful, eternally poignant, teenage poetry).

I used to blog reviews and things HERE until an accident involving misunderstanding technology/syncing/my phone ended with every single image being deleted irretrievably from it. And while I’m a little afraid to go through all those old blog posts, I don’t particularly want to get rid of them either.

I also created #AusQueerYA and the tumblr that goes with it to house as thorough a list as I could come up with for YA titles by Australian authors with LGBTQ content. Check it out HERE

My writing has appeared in The Victorian Writer and Aurealis.

About this blog:

Here I’ll be posting on the literary goings-on in my life, with the occasional piece of my own creative writing. I’ll share ideas and tips of writing I find interesting or helpful and let you know about particular books that have WOWed the pants off me. 

Please feel free to comment on my posts, or contact me. I would love to hear from you. My various social media ditties are here: