YA'll for Brunch?

Do you love Young Adult books? 

Do you love brunch?

Do you live in or around Melbourne?


YA'll For Brunch? is a book club that's easy like a Sunday morning. Literally. On the Third Sunday of the month, come into the city for Brunch and Book-talk

On The Agenda:
  1. Talk about what YA books you've been reading.
  2. A bit of brunch.
  3. Talk about what YA books you're excited to read.
  4. A bit more brunch. Perhaps a coffee or a hot chocolate.
  5. Lend a book you've just read to another bookclubber so that the following month they can talk about it with you and lend it to someone else. Get those books circulating!
  6. Maybe one more croissant.
  7. Oh, some more talking about YA books. 

The third Sunday of the month
  • 15th October



Due to people getting a bit fed up with our old meeting place, and nothing else suitable being available...
We're now going to meet at Melbourne Central Food Court. The one that's just under the cinema, on Level 2, around the corner from Levis. It has many food/drink options and large round tables (YAY!)

We'll try the food court once more, because I found large round tables right up the back behind 'Soul Origin' and 'Schnitz'.

I'll get there a bit early and try and snag us a table, so if anyone else wants to get there a bit early to keep me company, I won't complain. :)

There's a Facebook Page to help facilitate communication and use #YAllForBrunch on Twitter and Instagram.

My page about it is HERE
If you could RSVP just so I know numbers to book a table for, that'd be great!