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The elevator pitch:

A 2-month road trip around the U.S.A. reimagining the conceptual journey taken by a character the focus of Tori Amos’ 2002 album, Scarlet’s Walk. A travelogue, a memoir, and an exploration into interpersonal violence experienced within an abusive relationship that lasted 15 years, starting from 2002. Connecting with other Tori Amos fans, interviewing them, and reflecting on how coercive control and manipulative abuse can exist with and without the presence of physical and sexual violence. 3 trans queers, 33 states, 55 days: limitless possibilities for healing.


I am accompanied by the wonderful and talented, Teague Leigh and Bayley Turner who will not only be contributing to the memoir in their own ways but working on their own creative projects simultaneously. Teague will be photographing to accompany Michael’s travel writing, and will also be simultaneously collecting images to use for various collections, photo essays and an exhibition. Bayley will be making her own recordings, writings and notations to develop a poetry collection and/or spoken word project during the journey.

We also know we’ll be enriched by the connections we will make along the way with other Tori Amos fans, some we’ve been connected with for years, and others we hope to meet. I intend to interview people, exploring what Tori Amos, and Scarlet’s Walk, means to them. Having many voices inform my writing, I’ll be able to tap into what it is like to have closer access to Tori’s career and tours than I have, living in Australia.

Song Swap / Meet Up

Bayley and I regularly ask each other for a ‘Prescription’ and then will provide the asker a Tori track that we feel might be for them in that moment. Sometimes we know it references something specific going on with them, other times it’s plucked from the aether for reasons we couldn’t describe. “She will supply.

I encourage everyone who comes to this page to participate! I’ll create a playlist to showcase the power music can have in our lives.


If you’d like to meet up with us, or be interviewed (regardless of where you are in the world), please fill out this google form, and email me at littleelfman (at) yahoo (dot) com so I know you’ve contacted me.


To read the story behind the project, including the logistics of the trip, head to our GoFund.Me page where we spell it all out. It’s one that we have poured all ourselves and our savings into, ensuring it goes ahead. Any support you can offer, be it financial, a meal along the way or a couch to crash on, or simply sharing the link to spread the word is enormously appreciated.



We’ll also be offering EXCLUSIVE creative works to those who donate. The link to access these will be sent to everyone who donates to the GoFund.Me, regardless of how much. We know not everyone’s budget is the same, and we appreciated every single dollar.

~ In March, Michael shared a short story he wrote towards the end of 2019. It is fiction, but extremely personal for several reasons, but most relevant is that since ending the relationship I’m exploring in the memoir, I have been plagued by angry, panic-filled dreams where he is stalking me and will not leave me alone. They come and go, and still trouble me from time to time. But in the 2nd half of 2019, they were the most severe they had ever been. 3 or 4 nights a week for nearly 4 months straight I was waking up full of anxiety and terror. When I wrote this story, they stopped for a good six months at least.

~ In April, Teague shared a collection of exclusive photos that will be accessible only to those who have donated. They are offered as a gift and yours to use in any way you see fit as if you had purchased the copyright to them. Please add photo credit whenever you do. In March, 2022, Teague made a dedicated camping trip to Wilsons Promontory National Park, the southernmost tip of mainland Australia. The specific purpose of this trip was to capture photos which he could gift as thanks to supporters of the GoFundMe campaign.

~ In May, Bayley shared a poem, a ‘B-Side’, from her upcoming poetry project, Ulysses. Collaborating with music producer Matt Katz, Bayley will be creating spoken word sonic scenes that explore her journey so far with gender, spirituality, family, sex and relationship to nature. Donors will receive exclusive access to the tracks, the cover art and a video thank you from Bayley herself.


I’m very excited to partner with Dr. Dawn F. Nguyen who is a consulting Psychologist with more than twenty years of experience in advocacy, intervention education, and scholarship in various forms of relationship violence.  It’s incredible to have this level of academic support, in preparing for both my own explorations and the interview process, and Dawn will be helping me analyse the interviews and my own writings. We hope this could inspire further study in the area of relationship violence within queer relationships, an area that is underrepresented in the academic field.


I have been putting videos together for those who prefer a more visual medium. Here’s a 4 Min vid explaining it all as well as the first of a series of minute-long videos where I touch on each track of Scarlet’s Walk and what it means to me. You can view the rest of them on my Instagram, or Twitter. I’ve been posting them one every 4 days, with the last being posted on the 8th of May, one month before we leave.


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To give you a sense of the scale of the journey, here is the Map of Scarlet’s Walk, and then the version of it for Michael’s Walk. Each of the eighteen song-girls on Scarlet’s Walk have a path they connected to them. We have ensured we’ve touched on each girl’s path to make sure we’re connecting completely with the album. (oh, to have the time and money to replicate it exactly!)


Are you the type of person that likes a memento? We’ve set up a merch store as another way to raise some funds for the trip. Grab yourself a tee, a jumper, a mug, a tote… So many options! Each purchase puts a few coins in our pocket. Head on over to our store at The Print Bar . Here’s a little clip for some fun.

Merch Store



Because apparently I didn’t have enough on my plate, we’re podcasting while we travel! The show page can be found HERE. But Bayley and I will be talking it all out as we travel, in a fun, music-filled way, full of poignant insights, giddy schoolgirl revelations and chats with those we meet on the road. It’ll be released on the go, every few days, recapping where we’ve been and the joys we find along the way. There will be 18 core episodes, related to each track of the album, released after we have spent time with her geographically. I will be offering exclusive segments to my Patreon Supporters. So if you want more, jump on at the ‘Writing’ AU$10 level and not only will you get all the goodies I’ve been offering for over a year now, but also some extra banter and more in-depth lyric analysis.



Did someone mention Patreon? Oh, perhaps it was me. I currently have 3 tiers open for those who want to support me on an ongoing basis:

  • Thoughtful Patron: $1 – This is for those who simply want to throw a coin my way each month because you think I’m a bit of alright.
  • Review Patron: $5 – Monthly newsletter including an in-depth review of a book I’ve loved, and 5 recommendations from what I’ve seen in my travels as book buyer at The Little Bookroom
  • Writing Patron: $10 (and above) – All the above PLUS works in progress, excerpts from this project, exclusive Podcast segments, and a spotify playlist each month, to a theme (usually something writing related)

Everyone who pledges (no matter what level) gets access to a Zine I wrote for Love Your Bookshop Day in 2020. It features characters from my short story ‘Meet and Greet’. It’s super cute, IMO.

In fact, if Patreon is more your jam than the GoFund.Me, then know that I’ll offer the incentives to everyone who pledges on Patreon, too, regardless of level. Even the ‘Thoughtful Patrons’ will have something to show my gratitude!